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Space Man
this is the same president who forfeits hes presidential pay.. that means hes working for free?!?
Comment from : Space Man

helpywelpy YT
one of these 8,731,688 viewers were probably trying to devise a plan to kill the president
Comment from : helpywelpy YT

Bhupendranath Mahato
In India road is blocked for hours
Comment from : Bhupendranath Mahato

basant vimal sharma
You want the President to travel by Horse?
Comment from : basant vimal sharma

MonkaS league players
Is 2 limos enough
Comment from : MonkaS league players

Siddh HML
I should be studying for tomorrow's exam... but this is interesting :P
Comment from : Siddh HML

Dude, you forgot to talk about air force one, you actually are talking about Donald Trump's personal jet
Comment from : Partylizard

Combat x
I want to go in school like that ...it will so damn cool
Comment from : Combat x

2 pints of blood..
Comment from : SevenPlanets

Rishav singh
Plot twist: The president is using Skype.
Comment from : Rishav singh

Lava Pro
And there is probably anti missile shit around them thinking about it cause another country can just bomb the parade and use the confusion to attack the president and give them the upper hand in war and if they succeed quickly enough they can probably destruction the USA... Why do I hear door slamming?
Comment from : Lava Pro

Anyboi Games
Plot twist:trump is just at Walmart
Comment from : Anyboi Games

Dirty Jursey
What do you suggest, for the president to ride a bike to save money
Comment from : Dirty Jursey

Raj Patel
The fact that this shitty left wing turd channel is in love with the UN is a total fucking disgrace you fucking piece of shit.
Comment from : Raj Patel

Raj Patel
Barry for Iranian / Kenyan Jihadi to the USA!
Comment from : Raj Patel

Raj Patel
Barry Mohammad Akbar Hussein Kohmenei O. is a very very proud mozlem of the United States. LONG LIVE IRAN!!
Comment from : Raj Patel

Thzwf Fdli
Waiting I'm here
Comment from : Thzwf Fdli

khoa nguyen
Fuck drumpf
Comment from : khoa nguyen

our tax dollars at work
Comment from : Jschim

How much tax payer money did Obama spend traveling again?
Comment from : ORACONX

dan lam
So another President uses this service for free? please don't attack our President.
Comment from : dan lam

Jacob Hall
That “Pump action shotgun” seems a lot like a break action.
Comment from : Jacob Hall

NicW 76
*president "All I wanted was my box of mike and ikes"
Comment from : NicW 76

John Wick
Just use the kuruma
Comment from : John Wick

Imran Igra
This sort of information should not be advertised in Public forums. It is highly irresponsible and reckless.
Comment from : Imran Igra

Cedric Dlamini
Dose agents look badass in that open suburban.
Comment from : Cedric Dlamini

Terry Jones
They’re really out here carrying two pints of the presidents blood type.
Comment from : Terry Jones

stephen bate
some of the members of the illuminati!! getting jobs like that not for regular citizens!!
Comment from : stephen bate

Koushik Naik
5 inch thick window
...wht the heck are u saying

Comment from : Koushik Naik

ggl Oz
Plot Twist: President is already assassinated 😬
Comment from : ggl Oz

It’s not that expensive u gotta remember money is irrelevant to the govt they can print there own 😂
Comment from : BMC BRAD

we have to get xqc to watch this
Comment from : impreeminent

brandon pearson
Wtf is black combat dress uniforms lol
Comment from : brandon pearson

Asjad Ali
Comment from : Asjad Ali

Good Citizen
They should travel by flexibus
Comment from : Good Citizen

Nolan Is Innocent
I wonder how many Secret Service men often think to themselves:

"I can't believe we gotta PROTECT this asshole!"

Comment from : Nolan Is Innocent

Jesse Hugo
Are we going to ignore the fact that the limos carry 2 pints of the presidents blood type. Just incase they have to do a blood transfusion on their way to the white house
Comment from : Jesse Hugo

mytexas days
That's really something. And here I thought the current prez rides a tricycle like Bozo did on his tv show. Maybe he should. No wonder the current one says he can do whatever he wants and says a lot too. He is in a bulletproof expensive bubble. And he is taking advantage of that. Nice informative video.
Comment from : mytexas days

Mihir Thaker
Hands down, Best funny comments section ever!!
Comment from : Mihir Thaker

Binks Machine & Engine Works
Think about it...if it had rained the day JFK was shot (even threatened to rain) there would be no grassy knoll conspiracy!
Comment from : Binks Machine & Engine Works

johnny oof
Thanks this is going to become handy later
Comment from : johnny oof

VK Westie 3021
Comment from : VK Westie 3021

Just remember, Obama took far more “vacations” than trump has. Think about that.
Comment from : Mr.MEandMINE

Devin ciampi
ofc he uses obama
Comment from : Devin ciampi

Plot twist: The president is in a McDonalds bathroom across town dropping a deuce.
Comment from : Brad

Ammar Ibrahim
Omar Ibn Alkhattab, old school head of state of the early Islamic age, didn't need all of this to feel safe cause he's even owned the respect of his enemies .....that was the fruit of justice and ideal real coexistence ....
Comment from : Ammar Ibrahim

Mr MLR Gaming
Did Donal trump joined the chat??
Comment from : Mr MLR Gaming

Hmmm, I do not see what prevents anyone from bombing this column. A single autocannon with 360 degree optics of a target area would be capable of efficiently tearing everything down. I think that a major reason why president is not assassinated is that nobody tries to in a serious, sponsored and professional manner.
Comment from : REgamesplayer

Vyt Autas
what a meaningless charade
Comment from : Vyt Autas

Air Force 1 also travels 1 or 2 fleets of fighter jets
Comment from : FrostExplosion

It's not worth it when it's Trump! Let this crooked bastard pay for his own protection!
Comment from : BIKESTER GRIST

Cult of the Green Square
Me: Hey James. Trump wants Mcdonalds.
James: C'mon man. I just got out of the car.

Comment from : Cult of the Green Square

Sally Hillal
The idiot taxpayers have bottomless pockets.
Comment from : Sally Hillal

Jay Gee
the presidunce is such a freaking laughingstock. Even his massa Putin is laughing at him.
Comment from : Jay Gee

Jay Gee
fuck this clown piece of shit presidunce trump vonwannabanghisdaughter.
Comment from : Jay Gee

Plot Twist: The president sits in the back of his mom's car and shes drives him to his destination.
Comment from : NJ

Trump worth every penny Barack Odumbo not so much
Comment from : Ben

Knock knock FBI OPEN UP!!!!!
Comment from : I M

Chad Hoskins
Amtrak to NYC from DC is only $32.
Comment from : Chad Hoskins

corey wilson
Comment from : corey wilson

wg 5he
Bruh , This guy must have thought of bendover and just replaced the w while making this channel. Imagine its name being bend over productions. lol XD
Comment from : wg 5he

terrorist gamer
FBI open up
Comment from : terrorist gamer

Tech Omg
Just hide the president in a boot of a civic problem solved
Comment from : Tech Omg

OnThe Canal
Just get a buddy get 2 RPG’s then shoot em at both of the limos.
Comment from : OnThe Canal

Anand Shete
The calculations at the end gave me advanced shock and then...

This video is brought to you by SQUARESPACE🤦

Comment from : Anand Shete

Jacob Bahr
As a petrolhead, and with political purposes aside, I'm sure we can all appreciate just how awesome the presidential Cadillac looks
Comment from : Jacob Bahr

The motorcade drive is all decoy, the president actually teleports everywhere he has to go
Comment from : S K

Алексей Авилов
Plot twist: The president is actually on the first motorcycle
Comment from : Алексей Авилов

Sean Gallagher
FBI has entered the chat.
Comment from : Sean Gallagher

Smeagol P. Galliaro de Uniz con Rediesia III
raise your hand if ur here trynna off trump
Comment from : Smeagol P. Galliaro de Uniz con Rediesia III

Myles Lee
So every uh-60 in service costs 3k per flight hour?
Comment from : Myles Lee

Comment from : ItimdatahtIsawtsujderobenoyaddnadetaercsihttnuoccaotllortelpoepenilnoekilehttserfoehtdlrowstnawotod

Bappo Nuke The Jappos
Dam... I cant even afford a second of that
Comment from : Bappo Nuke The Jappos

𝐓𝐨𝐩 𝟑 𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐥𝐯𝐞𝐝 𝐜𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐬 :

𝟏. 𝐀𝐫𝐞𝐚 𝟓𝟏 𝐀𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐬
𝟐. 𝐁𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐮𝐝𝐚 𝐓𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐞
𝟑. 𝐘𝐓 𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬

Comment from : ZZod

syed yousef
So 900000$ for a 6 hour journey
Comment from : syed yousef

"Pump-action shotguns"... proceeds to show break-action shotgun.
Comment from : GibsonOfAGun

When did we stop saying "people" and start saying "persons"?
Comment from : GibsonOfAGun

Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks
Imagine doing all this just to go and get a McDonald’s
Comment from : Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks

paying taxes to this would make me puke in the daytime and not sleep at night! luckily its not the case :D
Comment from : amanita333

Thanks now ill kill the president
Comment from : Ryder

Plot Twist : POTUS never went anywhere ... His CLONE always
Comment from : Theist

AriesJohn Malana
This only the basic knowledge about how it really works. Secret service are smart. You will never know until they do.
Comment from : AriesJohn Malana

Y'all are a bunch of hypocrites. No one criticized Obama when he was flying in the Air Force One. He had just as much assistants and vehicles too if not more.
So, congrats on the L.

Comment from : Free_Thinking_Mind

Eric Talaska
There are thousands of others more qualified than Trump waiting in line, so this protection is overkill for someone so expendable.
Comment from : Eric Talaska

Eric Talaska
If Buttigeig wins and then gets a sex change, will he be called Mrs. President???
Comment from : Eric Talaska

Wattup FBI
Comment from : AlithiniAlfa

Killer 121
Us president sucks ass and balls
Comment from : Killer 121

Brian Mo
Plot twist: the president doesn’t even live in the white house. He just uses a robots that looks like him and he is living on the moon.
Comment from : Brian Mo

XVHK Green
Jesus christ, just use skype instead of pointing guns at people's heads and stealing their money. Also, beg more at the nd of the video you bum.
Comment from : XVHK Green

Ratan katiyar
If I was a president I would rather travel alone in my super modified humvee with a 50 cal mounted and a machine gun inside with a pistol in my waist

That would be epic 👍😻👍

Comment from : Ratan katiyar

Procommenter Man
President Trump uses a 747 jumbo jet unlike cost-conscious Obama who'd fly over the airport
in an antique ultra-light and parachute onto the tarmac where a rented moped was waiting.

Comment from : Procommenter Man

Best opportunity for bank robbery
Comment from : eggz

The Englishman
Bruh just put em in a shitty ass volvo with tinted with windows ain’t nobody gonna realise.
Comment from : The Englishman

Mauritz Draaijer
Dutch president be like just in a bike
Comment from : Mauritz Draaijer

When you see the hidden fees
Comment from : Jev

The presidents motorcade still has to pay tolls?
Comment from : RandomCyberSource

Marcus Quiroa
Honestly they have a better chance just being in a regular everyday car with tinted windows than having a parade that catches eyes
Comment from : Marcus Quiroa

FL Biker
If the government wants to live the high life they should generate their own money. Tax money could be better spent elsewhere.
Comment from : FL Biker

Comment from : T

Why do secret service release such information?- is it just to make aware of idiot robbers with the sticks?- i think its stupid to know for us
Comment from : Ted

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