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david John
Thanks for sharing such quality information. I would like to share Sagar Informatics is the best Transport Management Software Development Company in India. Visit: www.sagarinfotech.com/Product.aspx/22/Transportation-Mngmt-Software
Comment from : david John

Ramy Alaswad
Thanks a lot. That video is very effective.
Comment from : Ramy Alaswad

Michael Lighten
This is excellent and well-presented information.
Comment from : Michael Lighten

Hello from Supply Network course.
Comment from : bananamaster99

sriram sekar
Good video(as basics) . Need to add more on logistics operations within warehouse & reverse logistics
Comment from : sriram sekar

thank you its very useful and the explanation also so simple
Comment from : DURGESH TOKE

Jovan Jovanovic
This video is 100 times better then my school book
Comment from : Jovan Jovanovic

was the definition for supply chain correct?
Comment from : happylife

Compass logistics China Foshan Branch
Comment from : Compass logistics China Foshan Branch

good narration <3
Comment from : imicca

Akash Londhe
Hello sir muze Marine Logistics System ko janana hai kya ispar video bana sakato ho...? Ya muze iski knowledge kahase milegi ye bataye...!
Comment from : Akash Londhe

Cebi Mahamba
Thank you so much now it I understand, can you clarify for me inbound and out bound logistic
Comment from : Cebi Mahamba

Friendly Rashid
Comment from : Friendly Rashid

zzbb zzbb
Logistic is my passion.
Comment from : zzbb zzbb

Ravuth Yun
Does R&D in flow of goos and iformation importance for apply in role of logistic in supply chain?
Comment from : Ravuth Yun

Ravuth Yun
Logistic management concept on 7Rs.
As per Right price. This concept relate in that poin not detial enough. Please provide the link of explaination on this poin to me.

Comment from : Ravuth Yun

Thanks for making a this video. It's useful clip for understanding SCM.
Comment from : 오루루

Bachu Mahaliya
Very informative
Comment from : Bachu Mahaliya

Abdul Kareem
Comment from : Abdul Kareem

Jennifer Eubank
This video is so well made and I am so grateful! Thank you!!
Comment from : Jennifer Eubank

G Gaming
Very nice teaching method I like that
Comment from : G Gaming

Jong bin kim
Thank you so much
Comment from : Jong bin kim

Alex Mwangi
thank you very much. this has really helped me understand the basics of logistics
Comment from : Alex Mwangi

gottaloveit gottaloveit
I am Material Follow up at Ford Romeo Engine plant. I started in the Logistics but moved up under the Ford team. I work hard with a lot of responsibility however Penske pays me very well. They allow you to manage your job the way the customer sees fit! I love my job so much and proud to work for Penske. ⭐️👍⭐️👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
Comment from : gottaloveit gottaloveit

gottaloveit gottaloveit
I just received the 50 year milestone plaque! Very nice surprise! Thank you Penske
Comment from : gottaloveit gottaloveit

Diontae Daughtry
Thank you this was very helpful and informative 👍👍
Comment from : Diontae Daughtry

brijesh pandey
Nice information share by person
Comment from : brijesh pandey

Amiel Reyes
Very informative and huge help. thanks
Comment from : Amiel Reyes

Max Brox
Good Video.

Now that 's - what a consulting thinking flow should be.

Start with

01 - Current State - Flow Thinking.
02 - The Value Proposition.
03 - Goals.
04 - Strategy - To improve Business Outcome.

Well Done.

Comment from : Max Brox

Tegoufo Boris
all those studying logistics should be able to answer like that if they were asked the question about what logistics is. :)
Comment from : Tegoufo Boris

Ankita Raseniya
Very nice video
From India

Comment from : Ankita Raseniya

Dambarsingh Dhami
Thanks for informative video n its very useful for a management students including me
Comment from : Dambarsingh Dhami

Alex Smith
This guy sounds the exact same as the guy from mind warehouse
Comment from : Alex Smith

Harman Kaur
Great learning experience. . Thank you for this perfect video
Comment from : Harman Kaur

Anshika Singh
Awesome ❤❤
Comment from : Anshika Singh

Arun Menon
Excellent approach! Video comprehensive and very well explained. Thank you.
Comment from : Arun Menon

ronald kasanga
very useful information
Comment from : ronald kasanga

Adam Jenssen
you made your explanation too complicated, I just needed a basic breakdown of each and all the functions in plain American English. I'm sorry.
Comment from : Adam Jenssen

burhan abdinasir mohamud
thank you as you persuaded me
Comment from : burhan abdinasir mohamud

Vaibhav Gavhane
Big Thanx..... I am preparing for seminar in my clg and this video helps me a lot.. Thanks again 😀
Comment from : Vaibhav Gavhane

Amane Kabbaj
thank you I don't think it gets more comprehensive than this. as a debutant I found this helpful in starting my course
Comment from : Amane Kabbaj

Atosha Lyimo
Hello.. i learn something new idea in logistics and transpor. Can u help to share the notes of innovation and changes.
Comment from : Atosha Lyimo

Ashok Kumar
Good one to understand the domain. Thanks a lot!!!
Comment from : Ashok Kumar

Da Geng
Oh boi this is a lot of information to absorb
Comment from : Da Geng

Tsongo Charles
Can we have the ppt?
Comment from : Tsongo Charles

ေက်ာ္ စိုး
Comment from : ေက်ာ္ စိုး

Fatima Zahra Samir
can you send the ppt for me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Comment from : Fatima Zahra Samir

waooo, this video is very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing
Comment from : PEACECHARLES E

This seems like the easiest thing in the world! I didn't even know the meaning of the word logistics or that it was a sector 😯
Comment from : wegotonelove

4:05, shouldn't it be Integrating the Supply Chain? otherwise thanks, nice explanation :-)
Comment from : PontusYT

Nur Farahana
can i know what app can be use to make this video?
Comment from : Nur Farahana

Hana Mariam
excellent lecture thank you.
Comment from : Hana Mariam

Ladda kang
Thank you
Comment from : Ladda kang

Naimish Sonaiya
The best
Comment from : Naimish Sonaiya

berendra thapa
Now that's awesome
Comment from : berendra thapa

Why 7 R's when they all stand for "right"? Rather redundant
Comment from : fortheloveofcake93

burhan abdinasir mohamud
nice lecture thank you teacher
Comment from : burhan abdinasir mohamud

Agam Deep
Thank You !! Keep sharing such informative videos.
Comment from : Agam Deep

Vishnu Raj
Nice explanation !
Comment from : Vishnu Raj

Renato Rafanan
very detailed, clear and organize
Comment from : Renato Rafanan

Rushaine Sinclair
Good video. Breaks it down much easier than my lecturers. I have this class tomorrow. Logistics and scm.
Comment from : Rushaine Sinclair

enesi lawal
The information were short and precise.
Comment from : enesi lawal

Ajit Mishra
Really nice video and clear all the concepts. but what is difference between transport, logistics and supply chain please visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLGPjkb5MHc
Comment from : Ajit Mishra

Rakibul mojeb
Thaks for giving such an important informations...
Comment from : Rakibul mojeb

wow this is excellent
Comment from : ISRA WANZHA

sylvin thomas
can it be done through Art's.. after 12
Comment from : sylvin thomas

Lovejinder Singh
Extremely helpful for my examination in Logistics & Supply Chain Management 😁
Comment from : Lovejinder Singh

very educative,I really appreciate it.
Comment from : ADJEI ISAAC

Adante Adams
I have a bachelor's degree in Accounting. Can work in the logistics field or would I need a degree or certificate to work in logistics?
Comment from : Adante Adams

Temitope Wright
I want to make a career change to Logistics from IT/Project Management. Can anyone advice me what to do? Should I go for a master's in Logistics or register for a program at an institute?
Comment from : Temitope Wright

Mohamed Raafat
So can I work in this with a mass communication major ?
Comment from : Mohamed Raafat

Mohamed Osman
thanks dear very useful.
Comment from : Mohamed Osman

Aimme Araujo
Many thanks...I'm grateful. God bless all yours efforts to share quality knowledge...is a great work.
Comment from : Aimme Araujo

Very well explained. A very short and informative video. Can you enable save/download option. I am an instructor and I want to use this as a resource for my lectures.
Comment from : sweetwine82

Xuân-Vi Nguyen
Your video is very informative and easy to follow. However, why didn't you explain "Coordinating functions and integrating the SC" whereas you explained very well and detailed "substituing inventory info, reducing number of partners, pooling risks". Please make it!
Comment from : Xuân-Vi Nguyen

smart srini
Very clear definition i am statisfied with it thank you for providing
Comment from : smart srini

Sujeet Kumar
Excellent Information for everyone .Really Appreciating .
Comment from : Sujeet Kumar

The Viking
I was searching for the artist/producer, "Logistics", but this was informative.
Comment from : The Viking

kings media works
Is there is scope for logistics in future in corporate company
Comment from : kings media works

Parvez Ansari
hello sir, want to learn logistic & scm.
Comment from : Parvez Ansari

Kuldeep Kumar Sharma
good वर्क
Comment from : Kuldeep Kumar Sharma

Cheng Mokong
thanks! its very useful, im a management student. 😉😉
Comment from : Cheng Mokong

Walf Eddy
Comment from : Walf Eddy

Jagesh P
good 🌃
Comment from : Jagesh P

Chloe Alsop
The way it is explained is great. Your lectures are motivating me to enroll in your MBA in Supply Chain Management program :)
Comment from : Chloe Alsop

Imran Rizvi
Excellent Video
Comment from : Imran Rizvi

prerna sharma
very nice..
Comment from : prerna sharma

soyota pvt ltd
very useful
Comment from : soyota pvt ltd

Nishant Jain
Excellent video, covers the 1st unit in my sylabus in about 9mins. Thanks for the information 👌
Comment from : Nishant Jain

early earl
Which undergraduate degree should i take if i want logistics or supply chain management? Industrial eng or management eng?
Comment from : early earl

Logperts International
Thanks very useful...
Comment from : Logperts International

Angshuman Buragohain
Under Logistics strategy the sub-topic substituting inventory information was covered twice, was the first one for co-ordinating functions or integrating the supply chain sub-topic?
Comment from : Angshuman Buragohain

ne linn
Comment from : ne linn

Thanks a lot .
Comment from : YOGESH JADHAV

Mohammed Ragab
.Thank you so much for such great approach and smooth explanation
Well done

Comment from : Mohammed Ragab

Happy time
easy understand. Thank you
Comment from : Happy time

Shay Lavea
This is what I'm going to school for
Comment from : Shay Lavea

Priyanka Gupta
Nice video and i m also working in supply chain management. Making this type of videos and tutorials.
Comment from : Priyanka Gupta

Sunil Dhanerwal
Need to focus more on Reverse Logistics. Overall good tutorial
Comment from : Sunil Dhanerwal

Akshay Choubey
wonderful ,just wonderful. Thanks a tonne
Comment from : Akshay Choubey

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